Personal info

Here is a potted History of my involvement with photography and wildlife.
My interest and Knowledge of photography started when as a Wren Air Mechanic I was offered the chance to transfer into the photographic branch of The Royal Navy.
I trained at the Photographic school at Lossiemouth in Scotland and then further courses down at Whale Island, Portsmouth. In my time in the Navy I worked with the Royal Marines at Lympstone, The Fleet Air Arm at Lossiemouth, DPRN (Department of Public Relations Navy) in London and the Fleet Photographic Unit at Whale Island.
During this period I joined the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) Nature group. The Nature Group was led at this time by Heather Angel, Heather taught me a lot on the many field trips that she led and that I was able to attend. I attained my licentiateship qualification of the RPS a few years before leaving the Navy.
I left the Navy in December 1982 (the year of the Faulklands War). I let the photography slide away as I looked to starting a new life after 14 years in the WRNS.
15 Years later I took up Photography again, after giving up being a self-employed craft teacher. I still had my old Olympus OM1n, and so I was back to taking slides again. I joined the Cam Valley Wildlife Group, (Being a member of a local Wildlife Group is a great way to get to know what wildlife is in your local area). Two years later I re-joined the RPS, and started the convertion from Slides to Digital. in 2005 I bought a Digital SLR camera; the Nikon D70s and the photographs of Wolves were taken on the 10 December 2005, and was my 1st real full day out with it. I am now the owner of Nikon D300s and aD700 and I look forward to more pleasurable days out with my cameras.